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A platform for scholars that enables literature searches and enables scholarly dialogues based on the content of your reference manager and the papers you write.

It connects to your library...

etalia works in synchronization with your reference library to identify your interests.

Zotero or Mendeley are currently supported.
Both are free and support 3rd-party authentication.

reference manager software hook to etalia

...builds personalized feeds...

Based on your interests, etalia builds personalized feeds of relevant publications and discussions.

Changing interests or exploring a new field? etalia dynamically adapts.

Cloud of publications

...leverages text-mining tools...

etalia text-mining technology is based on natural language processing and machine learning.

Tools at work

...lets you engage in collaborative science...

etalia lets you connect with other researchers who share your interests.

Stuck in your research or in need of insights? Post your question and etalia will find researchers with the right expertise.

Cloud of publications

...integrates third party metrics.

etalia uses 3rd party publications metrics, like Altmetric, to improve its recommendations.

Always wondered what is the trendiest paper of the month?
etalia can give you some insights.

Metrics at work

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