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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign in?

To use Etalia you need access to the internet and the Etalia homepage, that you probably have already if you are reading this. You also need an account with a reference library (e.g. Zotero or Mendeley). Use your reference library credentials to sign in to Etalia from the homepage.

Why Etalia only supports Zotero and Mendeley?

Zotero and Mendeley are the currently two reference software managers that provide the ability for third party application, like Etalia, to access your library content through authentication. Both use the OAuth protocol, which is a widely adopted, open protocol for users to delegate authorization in a secure manner. OAuth is used to authorize requests between Etalia and your reference managers.
Etalia will serve other reference managers as support for OAuth is implemented.

What personal information does Etalia ask me to provide and why?

Etalia needs your email address when you sign in with your reference manager account and asks for your first name and last name. By granting access to your reference software manager, you also allows Etalia to get in sync with the publications you save in your library. Etalia does not share any of this information with third parties.

How does it work?

Etalia checks what you are reading in your Reference Library. Etalia leverages the content of your library using recent advances in natural language processing, machine learning, and statistics to understand your interests. Etalia builds news streams that match your personal interests based on your library text content. Reading a new paper or extending your research interests? Etalia will automatically adapt.

What is a "Thread"?

A Thread is a new text-driven way to create a group of experts on specific topics, questions or to get them comment on a pre-print you may have uploaded. A Thread is like an online study group that you join based on your interests. To be part of a thread and access its content you must join it. A Thread can be public as anyone can join. or private as you must receive an invitation from the thread's owner to join.

What is "My Feeds"?

Select “My Feeds” to access the publications and threads that match your interests. My Feeds is composed of three different feed tabs: Papers, Trends, Threads:

  • Papers lists the recent and relevant publications we found for you based on you library
  • Trend lists the publications that have reached high general attention according to the Altmetric score in your extended fields of interest.
  • Thread lists the threads you may be interested in such as questions, discussions and comments on publication.
From these feeds, you can directly link to individual publications, upload them to your reference library, joined threads, share them with collaborators, and much more.

What if "My Feeds" are not relevant?

We are trying our best to improve our recommendation engine so that it provides you with accurate and relevant suggestions. This is not an easy task and we may be off sometimes but we are improving based on your feedback. You can do 3 things to help us:

  1. Under Settings, you can tune Etalia's recommendation engine to your needs.
  2. You can provide feedback from your feeds using the ban icon ().
  3. You can make sure that the references that you store in reference manager are relevant to your interests.

What is "My Papers"?

Select “My Papers” to access your library. Easily retrieve and organize your papers and find the papers you have pinned. Any action that you take in your library get synced to your reference manager provider.

What is "My Threads"?

Select "My Threads" to access the Threads your have joined, started or pinned.

What if you cannot sign in ?

Etalia might be on maintenance and we apologize for any inconvenience. If Etalia is up and running and you cannot access your account, most likely cookies are disabled in your web browser and you have to enable them. Cookies are used to make sign-in to Etalia seamless, that is you will not have to sign-in again if you go back to Etalia the next day.

What makes Etalia different from Google Scholar or ResearchGate?

Etalia recommends publications based on the content of your reference library unlike Google Scholar or ResearchGate, which makes suggestions based on your own publication only or static keywords.

How often are recommendations updated?

Etalia updates recommendations daily. You can also subscribe to receive notifications via email.

Where does find new publications?

To populate its internal database, Etalia consumes a variety of sources from diverse API. Currently, Etalia fetches PubMed, ScienceDirect and arXiv. This is more than 100,000 publications per month. Etalia database is growing everyday and additional sources will added in the future.

Is my data secure?

Yes. We are committed to ensure data security for all users. We understand how important security is, and how crucial is the integrity of your reservation information. To that end, all communication with the Etalia system is encrypted.

What about my privacy?

We will never sell, rent or trade your personal information to others without your prior consent.

How can I delete my account with Etalia?

Under Settings, you find the option to delete your account.

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