Privacy Policy

What We Collect

In order for you to create an account on Etalia and use our services, we need to collect and process some information. Depending on your use of the Services, that may include:

  • information (such as your name, email) that you provide by completing forms on Etalia or by sign-in through the third-parties providers;
  • your login and password details, in connection with the account sign-in process;
  • details of any requests or transactions you make through the Services;
  • communications you send to us (for example, when you ask for support, send us questions or comments, or report a problem);
  • information that you submit to Etalia in the form of comments, contributions to discussions, or messages to other users.

What’s Private

This data will not be publicly displayed or revealed to other users:

  • any payment information you provide
  • your password details
  • your IP address
  • your phone number and email address
  • communications you send to us (for example, when you ask for support, send us questions or comments, or report a problem)

We don’t give your personal information to any third-party services.

What’s Only Shared with Etalia

When you sign-in to Etalia using third-party authentication service (like Mendeley or Zotero), you are granting Etalia access to the documents that you store in your personal reference manager. These documents are used to define your user profile that enable Etalia Services. These documents are not shared with any third-party services and are not publicly available.

What’s Public

When you sign-in to Etalia, we create a basic profile page that contains your account name, the date the account was created, and, if available through the third-party authentication services, your photo, your affiliation and the list of your scientific contributions. Whenever your account name appears on Etalia (for instance, when you post comments or create threads), people can click your account name to see your profile. Here are some of the things that will be publicly viewable on your profile, or elsewhere on Etalia:

  • Your first and last names, and the date it was created
  • Possibly your photo and affiliation if reported by the third-party authentication service.
  • any information you choose to add to your profile (like a bio, or your location)
  • your scientific contributions
  • threads, posts, comments that you have created

If you don’t want others to see your name or profile image, choose an account image or name that is not identifiable (e.g., AlbEin007).

Uses of Your Personal Information

We will use the personal information you provide to:

  • identify you when you sign in to your account;
  • enable us to provide you with the Services;
  • send you marketing communications we think you may find useful, but only in accordance with your email preferences;
  • present projects to you when you use the Services which we believe will be of interest based on your interests;
  • administer your account with us;
  • enable us to contact you regarding any question you make through the Services;
  • analyze the use of the Services and the people visiting to improve our content and Services;

We take securing your data and preserving your privacy very seriously. We never post anything to your Facebook, Twitter, or other third-party accounts without your permission. We do not and will not sell your data.


We want to communicate with you only if you want to hear from us. We try to keep emails to a minimum and give you the ability to opt out of any marketing communications we send.

We may send you service-related announcements on the rare occasions when it is necessary to do so.


To modify or delete the personal information you have provided to us, please log in and update your profile.

On request, we will give you a copy of all the personal information about you that we hold.

Information that you submit through the Services may be transferred to countries other than where you reside (for example, to our servers in the United States). We will protect all information we receive in accordance with this privacy policy.

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